Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why? Because I can.

Everyday I lose sight of all of the things that make me smile. So that I do not continue to forget them I will keep them safe here. Thank you guys for making everything better, always.

1. Janine gave me a ride home in her awesome new car, Bulgy.
Thank you Janine.
2. Angry Mike gave me the promise of sexy summer chest hair in V-necks.
Thank you Angry Mike.
3. Kate went for tea with me.
Thank you Kate
4. The boys at Max Brenners are always wonderful. The monologue made my week and the fact that you remember us is great.
Thank you Max Brenner Boys.
5. Spoof came to see me when I was locked out.
Thank you Spoofy
6. Francis told me I'm pretty.
Thank you Francis.
7. I got to meet Brack and Hope today.
Thank you puppy owners for letting me meet them.
8. The man on the subway had his dreads sticking out of the bottom of a sweatshirt and it looked like a tail.
Thank you dread-ful subway man!
9. A girl was wearing flip flops with striped socks, it made me smile.
Thank you flip flop girl.

If I forgot you, I did not forget you, I am just keeping your kindness for myself. <3
I'll start documenting the great things people do via photograph in the near future.

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