Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thank you semester, for being over.

Thank you Thank you Thank you
to all of my professors and classmates this semester, I've had worse. ; )

Thank you, Kate, for snuggle monsters and din din.

Thank you long pork barrel politics for winning quizzo... and thank you IrishJohn for being so pleasant to listen to speak. *sigh*

Thank you Francis for having a cute bum, and for having great friends and family.

Thank you TJ Kong for the ride home.

Speaking of TJ Kong:

They are playing for you 717'ers at the Midtown Bookstore on 5/14, buy them a burrito before the show because you know Neato wont be open after.

They are super splendid, have a listen and tell me what you think.

Anywhooo, this week has been grand. I'm heading back to Philly, saw my mommy and banana and now back to Nibs.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank you God.

Yesterday, Today, they might as well be the same thing, well there were. Yesterday was Today and technically what I'm referring to as Today is Yesterday which makes Yesterday a Few Days Ago. Thank you for that sleepless brain.

It's finals week let the Thank-off begin.

Thank you Deen and Andrew for a bit of studying.

Thank you Francis, Rob and Clio for the Scrabs (it's a game not an STI, I promise).

Thank you mom and dad, for being mom and dad.

Thank you po-po Police man for being so sweet. This was actually interesting he had a creepy, yet still pretty "something-to-be-jealous-of" stache. I was getting onto the subway and he stopped me, made intense eye-contact and managed to utter "you have a real nice day now miss". I think I'm thanking him more for letting me go by mildly skeezed out and not crap myself scared.

Thank you Jerome for offering me watermelon. sticky sticky.

Thank you super-nice-kind-smiley financial aid woman, you made mildly bad news bearable.

And even though I'm not usually a fan of Natalie Dee: Thank you for stating the obvious.

And thank you God for another day. And for the sun. And for the magic bottle of sunblock. so on and so forth and what not and who so and yes. Thanks.



Monday, May 3, 2010

Thank you Mother, Russia that is.

Thank you Russia. No no, not for Putin, and definately not for T.a.t.u. Thank you for the many case endings and mayonaise infused everything that makes you, well... you.

And thank you russian class for always being partially there. You make my semester worth paying for. And to Elena, who taught a bunch of slackers like us how much we really do know in Russian.

Thank you Tamara for your words of cheer up encouragement.

Thank you Jilly Billy for being hot. Nuff' said.

Thank you supernice PNC people who always make me feel like I've walked into Cheers.

And a special thank you to my mommy for being her.

Now, for a Thanks in the past:

Thank you Adrian, Erica, Laura, Dave and Alex for cheering me up Freshman year. I'll never forget how you all walked over to my dorm to give me hugs. Seriously, thanks.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

You should really thank Brian

All future snuggle monsters should thank Brian for this one. I just ordered it today and it might save my relationships with Francis, Kate and Nibbles.


A Weekend. Oh, What A Weekend.

Let the thanksgiving begin, but not like the turkey day, like the everyday.

Thank you Francis for dinner and for the movie.
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the title couldn't be worse but the film was actually pretty brilliant. You only see the awful tattoo once and the rest of the film is pretty dark with more than enough rape scenes and murder victims, but the mystery is enough to ignore all of that, or to at least make it tasteful (well at least as tasteful as it can be).

I did have the chance to witness an amazing example of friendship today. A beautiful lady I know ran the Broad Street Run and three great guys I also happen to know all woke up early and dragged their bottoms down to south philly to see her in the race. I must tell you that that many people running at one time is epic, and is made especially wonderful when us, the observers were eating dunkin donuts. She came zipping by, looking spectacular giving us high fives. I don't know many people who would support their mates like that, but I'm glad I know these people.

I mentioned Max Brenner's in my last post and I thought I would just like you to it. Here you go:

This evening I had the chance to spend some awesome time with my lady friend Caroline. Thank God too. It had been far too long. So, thank you for spending some girl time with me. I hella missed you.

Thank you Viki for letting us know that Elmer has passed. Elmer was a camper at Camp for Youth and Adults with Mental Retardation, that many of my friends and myself volunteer at every summer. He was a funny guy and the last of his immediate family so I'll say a prayer on behalf of the living and you should all know that he was Santa. I swear to you he was a dead ringer for him (maybe that was the wrong phrasing but hey, mad respect).

Thank you everyone, I appreciate you, probably love you and hope you are well.
Nibz sayz hayz.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Man holes and Cute poops.

It's not as dirty as it sounds...

Thank you men at the manhole for remembering me
and thank you slightly taller manhole man for the good talk on 717 and bears... made my day.
(did you know that they are just now switching out wires that were laid in the 1920's? Hot damn!)

Thank you Mike Frank for the tasty caffeine and for bagel bagel time.

Thank you Devo for clearing up grammer in class for me.

Thank you Ann Taylor for having such great clients.

Thank you Angie for existing and for a bite of your wrap. <3

OoOOOOOooOOoOo and thank you for letting me hold the cutest, sleepiest puppy to ever exist, Thina. What a doll, her poop was even cute.

And things that I have learned today:

Scarlett Alley in Old City, I'm excited to check it out.
Here is the link:


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why? Because I can.

Everyday I lose sight of all of the things that make me smile. So that I do not continue to forget them I will keep them safe here. Thank you guys for making everything better, always.

1. Janine gave me a ride home in her awesome new car, Bulgy.
Thank you Janine.
2. Angry Mike gave me the promise of sexy summer chest hair in V-necks.
Thank you Angry Mike.
3. Kate went for tea with me.
Thank you Kate
4. The boys at Max Brenners are always wonderful. The monologue made my week and the fact that you remember us is great.
Thank you Max Brenner Boys.
5. Spoof came to see me when I was locked out.
Thank you Spoofy
6. Francis told me I'm pretty.
Thank you Francis.
7. I got to meet Brack and Hope today.
Thank you puppy owners for letting me meet them.
8. The man on the subway had his dreads sticking out of the bottom of a sweatshirt and it looked like a tail.
Thank you dread-ful subway man!
9. A girl was wearing flip flops with striped socks, it made me smile.
Thank you flip flop girl.

If I forgot you, I did not forget you, I am just keeping your kindness for myself. <3
I'll start documenting the great things people do via photograph in the near future.