Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank you God.

Yesterday, Today, they might as well be the same thing, well there were. Yesterday was Today and technically what I'm referring to as Today is Yesterday which makes Yesterday a Few Days Ago. Thank you for that sleepless brain.

It's finals week let the Thank-off begin.

Thank you Deen and Andrew for a bit of studying.

Thank you Francis, Rob and Clio for the Scrabs (it's a game not an STI, I promise).

Thank you mom and dad, for being mom and dad.

Thank you po-po Police man for being so sweet. This was actually interesting he had a creepy, yet still pretty "something-to-be-jealous-of" stache. I was getting onto the subway and he stopped me, made intense eye-contact and managed to utter "you have a real nice day now miss". I think I'm thanking him more for letting me go by mildly skeezed out and not crap myself scared.

Thank you Jerome for offering me watermelon. sticky sticky.

Thank you super-nice-kind-smiley financial aid woman, you made mildly bad news bearable.

And even though I'm not usually a fan of Natalie Dee: Thank you for stating the obvious.

And thank you God for another day. And for the sun. And for the magic bottle of sunblock. so on and so forth and what not and who so and yes. Thanks.



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