Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Weekend. Oh, What A Weekend.

Let the thanksgiving begin, but not like the turkey day, like the everyday.

Thank you Francis for dinner and for the movie.
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the title couldn't be worse but the film was actually pretty brilliant. You only see the awful tattoo once and the rest of the film is pretty dark with more than enough rape scenes and murder victims, but the mystery is enough to ignore all of that, or to at least make it tasteful (well at least as tasteful as it can be).

I did have the chance to witness an amazing example of friendship today. A beautiful lady I know ran the Broad Street Run and three great guys I also happen to know all woke up early and dragged their bottoms down to south philly to see her in the race. I must tell you that that many people running at one time is epic, and is made especially wonderful when us, the observers were eating dunkin donuts. She came zipping by, looking spectacular giving us high fives. I don't know many people who would support their mates like that, but I'm glad I know these people.

I mentioned Max Brenner's in my last post and I thought I would just like you to it. Here you go:

This evening I had the chance to spend some awesome time with my lady friend Caroline. Thank God too. It had been far too long. So, thank you for spending some girl time with me. I hella missed you.

Thank you Viki for letting us know that Elmer has passed. Elmer was a camper at Camp for Youth and Adults with Mental Retardation, that many of my friends and myself volunteer at every summer. He was a funny guy and the last of his immediate family so I'll say a prayer on behalf of the living and you should all know that he was Santa. I swear to you he was a dead ringer for him (maybe that was the wrong phrasing but hey, mad respect).

Thank you everyone, I appreciate you, probably love you and hope you are well.
Nibz sayz hayz.


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