Monday, May 3, 2010

Thank you Mother, Russia that is.

Thank you Russia. No no, not for Putin, and definately not for T.a.t.u. Thank you for the many case endings and mayonaise infused everything that makes you, well... you.

And thank you russian class for always being partially there. You make my semester worth paying for. And to Elena, who taught a bunch of slackers like us how much we really do know in Russian.

Thank you Tamara for your words of cheer up encouragement.

Thank you Jilly Billy for being hot. Nuff' said.

Thank you supernice PNC people who always make me feel like I've walked into Cheers.

And a special thank you to my mommy for being her.

Now, for a Thanks in the past:

Thank you Adrian, Erica, Laura, Dave and Alex for cheering me up Freshman year. I'll never forget how you all walked over to my dorm to give me hugs. Seriously, thanks.


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